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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Basement Chronicles, Part the Second

I feel like the first big step of the basement work is over with. With the help of Carl and Tenley's truck (thanks again, guys!) we picked the panels up from Menards on Friday night and installed them on Saturday. The installation went quite smoothly - it was just measuring, sawing, and fitting the panels together. Manual labor with very little high-level thought.

Craig lays down the first panel:

About a third of the way through. You can see what the bottom of the panels look like to Craig's right. We thought we'd have way too many, but ended up with only two panels left over. The panels have a tongue on two sides and a groove on the other two, so they could really only go in one direction, resulting in a lot of unusable trimmed pieces.

Ellen cleans up sawdust. The combination of the treated plywood and the vinyl on the bottom made for very slippery dust. Please note that I am leaning over, and do not always look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

All finished. I may just be imagining things, but it felt like having the panels on the floor took a bit of the chill off. Insulation will only improve matters.

In other news, Christmas season is crazy, work is a little slow, and I had my wallet stolen out of my office yesterday. Grrr.

In conclusion, here is a cute picture of Phoebe for no reason at all:


Anonymous said...

Your dog is adorable! Your post caught my eye b/c we are also in the midst of basement remodel. Nice job on the floor! I agree- it really does make it warmer.
:) nadja

glennae said...

Good work guys... can't wait to see it all finished.

Ellen, sorry to hear about your wallet... I had mine stolen out of my purse when we were out having dinner a couple years ago. I completely understand... hope everything is working out OK.

And as always, Phoebe is the cutest.

Craig said...

Don't tell her she's cute. It'll go to her head!

Your basement looks crazy nadja! I can't imagine putting in an egress window. That is very much beyond my abilities.